Brie & Apple Burger // Utah Food Photographer

My favorite tradition from Thanksgiving is our melted brie dip - where the cheese is so delicious and rich. It's the reason I fell in love with brie. Unfortunately, I came to a hard truth later in life that brie is not great on everything (WHAT?). I ordered a brie burger at a local restaurant, expecting to be blown away, and it was... quite harshly.. horrible. It had WAY too much brie on it and nothing to cut through the richness. Thus, this tart and rich burger was born. I scarfed mine in a matter of seconds, and even added extra apples. The caramelized onions are so perfect beneath the layer of cheese that drips down past the bun. Okay... I'm drooling. Time to give you the recipe!

Brie and Apple Burgers

serves: 2

you'll need...

a little less than 1 lb lean ground beef

2 tsp ground mustard

salt and pepper to taste

2 green apples

2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 yellow onion plus butter for caramelizing

2 brioche buns

2 slices of brie cheese (feel free to eat the rest of the wheel with crackers.. mmmm)


Mix up your ground beef with salt, pepper, and ground mustard. Form into balls and pat down into perfect rounds (I do this on wax paper). Place onto an already hot pan and cover with a top. I cook these for 2 mins on each side. Cut up your onions into long thin slices and put them into a pan with 2 tbsp of butter. Cook them down until they are brown. Place brie cheese on top of beef after you've flipped them and they're almost done. Let the cheese melt. Place onions on bottom of your bun, then the meat. Slice your green apples very thin and long and top with lemon juice. Place these on top of the meat and enjoy!! 

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Fall Off the Bone Ribs // Utah Food Photographer

The first time I made these ribs for my husband he told me that he had never really eaten ribs.... WHAT. Ribs were the food of my childhood. Ribs are heavenly. I would always order them at restaurants and then proceed to use 12 wet wipes afterwards. The messier the better, right? I thought ribs would be hard to make at home but it turns out they're super easy. 

Fall of the Bone Ribs

1 Rack of Pork Ribs

BBQ Sauce of choice (I'll show you my favorite below!)

Salt and Pepper


The key to "fall off the bone" ribs is a slooooow cook. All I do is salt and pepper my ribs, and then place them upright against the walls in the crockpot. You can cut the ribs into sections if you need to. Place the top of the ribs towards the walls and turn your crockpot on low for 6 hours - no liquid necessary! When they're done cooking, coat them in BBQ sauce and broil in the oven for 3-5 minutes on low. Viola! 


 This is my favorite BBQ sauce to use for ribs! It's smokey and sweet - definitely a crowd pleaser! 

This is my favorite BBQ sauce to use for ribs! It's smokey and sweet - definitely a crowd pleaser! 

Stuffed French Toast: Now I'm a Believer

There are certain foods in my mind that do NOT need to be elevated. They are sacred. They are perfect in their old fashioned ways, and I love them the way they are. French toast is my dad's specialty (aka it's the only food he really makes well) and one of my favorite breakfast foods, so when the idea of stuffed french toast came around I was not into it. I'm here today to tell you I took one bite as a test, sure that I would stay firm in my ways.... but I caved. I'm now a believer. You don't have to be, but I think one look at this video and you'll find yourself drooling and checking the fridge for cream cheese. 

 My favorite is made with peaches!

My favorite is made with peaches!

Denny's Stuffed French Toast

Serves 4 people


8 pieces of Texas Toast bread

2 eggs

1 cup of milk 

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 oz cream cheese

Syrup and powdered sugar for garnish (if desired)

Butter for griddle or pan

Your choice of fruit (if berries, they need to be reduced on stovetop)


Mix together the eggs, milk, and vanilla in a shallow container. Dip bread in mixture and lay on buttered griddle or pan - it should be hot. Cook till golden brown and flip. Apply a layer of cream cheese to your french toast, then a layer of fruit. Top with another piece of toast, and garnish with syrup and/or powdered sugar. Enjoy!