Menu Planning // Pork Week

I feel I should probably tell you: I hate pork. We never ate this particular meat growing up, so I must have never developed a taste for it.... until I moved out to Utah and ate Cafe Rio sweet pork barbacoa. Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow me to eat there every night so I've created a week based around this delicious pork recipe

First, start with your base recipe (link found above) of the sweet pork. I always love making this because it 1) feeds us for the week 2) is super easy in the crockpot. As a note, pork loin was $15 off at the grocery store the other day, so I tried using that instead of pork butt (I traditionally use that) and it worked with great results! It's not as fatty of a cut, so it doesn't fall apart and shred quite as easily, but it definitely worked well enough for it to be worth the sale! 

The recipes this week are pretty straight forward and easy- you have all the makings of a delicious burrito (pork, beans, rice, cheese, avocado) and easy tacos (pork, lettuce, cheese). When it comes to the better than "whatever" nachos, place homemade corn tortilla chips in an 8x8 pan, top with pork and cheese - then broil on low till cheese is melted. Serve hot with guacamole or salsa. These dinners are all SUPER fast and perfect for a busy week. 

Mini Muffin Tin Pizzas

Although I looooove pizza crust, I also love free time, so this tortilla base mini deep dish pizzas are the best! I haven't tried subbing out the flour for corn (gluten free!) but feel free to try that out. These little guys are definitely a crowd pleaser for watching March madness! 

Caprese Paninis

Although caprese is traditionally made with fresh, soft mozzarella, I sub that out for shredded since I can use it for pizza as well. Use any bread you like, but I recommend something thick because you'll also be using it for croutons in the next recipe! 

Power Salad

For this power salad, I use the yellow pepper, cucumber, 1 avocado, black beans, chickpeas, romaine, and homemade croutons. Toss this all together with a little bit of balsamic vinegar and you'll be licking your plate! 


For your 7th recipe feel free to make quesadillas if there's any pork left to go inside them, or go treat yourself to a night out! Our favorite restaurant is re-opening this week, so we'll be scarfing down a burger on our off night :)